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Data. Just the beginning.

We help your business use data smartly and securely.
Our consultants guide you from insight to idea to unbeatable advantage.

We simplify the complex.

The data and technology landscape continues to take shape.  
Our consultants are on top of the changes so you don’t have to be. 
We know how to make privacy and security practical.

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We run on trust

Data is not nearly enough – unless you can trust it. We help you secure and protect your data.

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We are the experts

Our expertise crosses a number of domains, having served as trusted advisors for hospitals, agencies, government, law firms, not-for-profits, consulting and technology firms alike.

Unlocking value in your data

INQ Consulting is a data consulting firm. Not only do we help protect your data, we help you unlock

value, build trust and power your business forward.

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