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Looking beyond security risk


Whether you’re a CEO of a start-up or a CIO of a hospital, if you’re collecting personal

information, you have to protect it. Do you have a comprehensive cyber security plan for

your organization? Do you feel vulnerable to the security risks associated with emerging

technologies? We can help with the following:

  • Policies and procedures

  • IT strategy and governance

  • Breach preparedness


Employee negligence causes the vast majority of security breaches, weather through phishing or malware installation. We provide customized security training that you can use in your organization to help mitigate against these risks. Classes include:

  • Breach simulations

  • Security incident simulation

  • Phishing simulations

Compliance and Risk Management:

Increasingly, customers, patients and users are demanding that technologies meet high

information security standards. Technology providers must meet those expectations,

and businesses, healthcare organizations, governments and not-for-profits must ensure

that their systems meet industry standards in order to comply with regulatory

requirements. We help secure your data - for you and for your customers. We help with:

  • ISO standards

  • SOC 2 preparation

  • TRA/VA/Pen testing

  • Ethical hacking

  • Vulnerability identification and management


Implementing information security protections is just the beginning of a robust cybersecurity

program. It takes diligence and expertise to ensure that those systems continue to prevent

threats and attacks. We create and maintain operational systems with security represented

in all the procedures in your organization. This includes:

• Patch management

• Breach management and reporting


Have questions about these services? Contact Us right now! We are here to help. 

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