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Meet the dedicated team behind INQ.

Kaitlyn Hebert



  • LinkedIn
T: 647-330-7675


As a Certified Information Privacy Professional, Kaitlyn brings an understanding of the Canadian industry and the underlying applicable laws that govern personal information management. She also holds Virtual Care and CORE-HI certifications from Digital Heath Canada. This interplay of knowledge helps to inform how digital data—particularly personal health information—flows and how privacy and security work together to achieve mutual ends. She is a student of privacy and is constantly learning about new risks and emerging global markets.

She served as the Privacy Officer for a Canadian tech startup, where she built their privacy management program from the ground up. This role helped shaped her experience with provincial health privacy acts across Canada, including other country’s privacy laws, such as HIPAA (USA) and GDPR. 

After nearly 20 years of experience in various health related fields, Kaitlyn brings diverse perspectives to her work. She can quickly learn her client’s needs, meet them where they are in their journey, and equip them to become more confident in their understanding and implementation of a successful privacy program.

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