The Privacy
Ready Program

An affordable and tailored solution to make your business privacy ready.


The conversation starts with data - we help chart the path to get you where you want to go because we already see where you are going. We are well versed in what happens with data to help set your organization on a path to strategic compliance.


Are You Ready to Thrive as a Privacy Officer?
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The First of
its Kind
 Privacy Program

Your complete privacy package, with tailored resources and expertise to meet your business' specific privacy needs.






The Privacy Ready Program is for you if you have been:


Looking to introduce, launch, and secure privacy processes in your business to proactively avoid regulatory issues.


Wanting to leverage your business' data and are unsure how to do so - ethically & legally.


Looking for strategic advice on how to best implement or update your organizations privacy practices.


Undergoing a regulatory investigation or facing a privacy breach, and need expert assistance now.


Collecting large amounts of data and unsure of how to use it.


Ready to feel like you and your compass privacy is safe and secure?


The All-in-One Privacy Solution
for Your Business

Lacking legal knowledge or finding privacy legislation hard to understand?

With years of experience in legal and privacy consulting, Privacy Ready offers a comprehensive end-to-end privacy gap analysis, recommendation, and implementation strategy that outlines the future changes needed. 

Legal firms charging expensive and hard to justify fees for billables?

Our subscription program is a low-commitment and affordable way to receive guidance from trusted advisors. The Privacy Ready Program’s subscription fee structure allows a cost-effective way to decipher, assess, and implement privacy changes in accordance with current legislation.

Concerned with human risk
in privacy training?

To create and enhance a privacy culture within your organization, the Privacy Ready Program includes training for all employees. This enables systematic change that mitigates your most significant privacy risk - human error.

Unsure about how to apply privacy legislation to your business?

With current clients in healthcare, content creation, and insurance, we have the know-how your business needs to succeed. The Privacy Ready Program also comes with a strategic roadmap which includes a current state assessment and an outline for future changes. You will know exactly how your business needs to move forward to be privacy ready. 

A New Kind of Privacy Program



Privacy Ready offers a comprehensive end-to-end privacy gap analysis, recommendation, and implementation strategy.



Our subscription program is a low-commitment and affordable way to receive strategic advice.


Industry Knowledge

With current clients in both the public and private sector in a wide range of industries, we have the know-how your business needs to succeed.

Want to be confident in how you are handling the use of your data?



Privacy Ready is a subscription-based, holistic package that captures all vulnerable aspects of your enterprise's privacy. This program will ensure that not only technological but also systematic and human vulnerabilities will be addressed. 


In this program, you will learn how to use your organization's data, responsibly. Together, we will establish business objectives that not only support opportunities to scale but also mitigate risk. You will be provided with the training and resources needed to enable systematic change within your organization and guided by the privacy expertise of INQ Consulting to attain an international privacy certification. 


Ready to promote a privacy-by-design culture within your organization?


Your Privacy Program Manager


Jamila Enta

Manager, Privacy Ready Program
INQ Consulting

Jamila is a seasoned data risk professional with deep expertise in cyber readiness and online reputation management. Jamila has held leadership roles in cybersecurity operations for almost a decade. 

Prior to joining INQ Consulting, Jamila designed and implemented strategies  to mitigate cyber threats across digital platforms such as email, social media, mobile applications, and the open web for over 250 global organizations. Jamila has acquired over 15 years of knowledge and experience in data breaches, cybercrime, social engineering, intellectual property, and online brand protection. In addition to cybersecurity, Jamila is also knowledgeable in privacy, data protection and freedom of information requests.

Insights & Recognition

  • Master of Laws - LLM Candidate, Cybersecurity and Privacy Law, York University - Osgoode Hall Law School

  • Co-presenter, BBA Intellectual Property Year in Review Conference, “Trademarks”, Boston Bar Association (January 2022)

  • Co-presenter, M3AAWG 52nd General Meeting, “Copyright Infringement Handling in 2021”, Messaging, Malware, Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (June 2021)

  • Co-chair, Promotions and Outreach Subcommittee, International Trademark Association (October 2013 – December 2015)

  • Licensed Paralegal – The Law Society of Ontario

  • Commissioner of Oaths and Notary Public


Additional Privacy Advisors


Samara Starkman

Managing Principal/Co-Founder
INQ Consulting

Samara is a co-founder and the Managing Principal of INQ Consulting. She brings both practical and strategic advice to assist organizations with responsible, compliant innovation. Prior to founding INQ, Samara ran a consulting firm advising clients that included major Ontario hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health-tech start-ups and multinational telecommunications companies. Previously, she led the privacy department at CancerCare Ontario (now Ontario Health).


JD, MSc (Hons)
Carole Piovesan

INQ Consulting

Carole is a Co-Founder and Principal for INQ Consulting. Prior to founding INQ, Carole was co-lead of the national Cybersecurity, Privacy and Data Management group at McCarthy Tétrault. In 2018, she was appointed by the federal Minister of Innovation to serve as one of six Digital Leaders in the national data and digital transformation consultations. In this role, she led consultations with businesses, academics, civil society and industry associations to inform the first national Digital Charter. Announced on May 21, 2019, the Digital Charter has led to significant proposed reforms to Canada’s federal private sector privacy law.


MHE, Ph.D. (Candidate), CIPM, CIPP/C
Angela Power

Senior Consultant
INQ Consulting

Angela has provided advisory services on privacy, ethics, data governance and change management across Canada for over 15 years. Angela is a lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University, and teaches Health Ethics and Law in Medicine. She is a Ph.D. candidate - exploring privacy, ethical and social issues that stem from new health technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data & overall health innovation.

Angela believes that using modern approaches and embedding privacy and ethics into the design of new technologies will enhance trust. With this foundation, ethics and privacy can support big data & health innovation opportunities that advance health care and increase autonomy for patients.

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Get Ready to be Privacy Ready 



Activities needed to clarify an accountable privacy structure throughout your organization.


Learn the activities needed to create and maintain the operations of your company's privacy program.

Training & Awareness

Training and initiatives are included to promote a privacy culture within your organization and ensure responsible privacy practices.


Risk identification and management activities include creating an audit plan, privacy impact assessment, threat risk assessment, and the tools & templates to use for implementation.


Ready to feel confident in how you manage, handle, and leverage your data?


Program Price

$3,750 CAD

Per month.
One year term.

In this program you will receive:

  • A Set of Policies

  • Support in Developing Governance Metrics

  • Training

  • Portal Access to All Files, Data Discussed and Collected.

  • Current State Assessment (an overview of your existing privacy program (if any).



About INQ Consulting

INQ Consulting provides data policy and governance consultation services at the intersectionality of consulting and law. They offer an end-to-end service for enterprise customers, analyzing existing data collection, storage, and usage practices to proactively identify and fix business practices that fail to meet regulatory guidelines.


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How long does the program run for?

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Are you ready to have an accountable privacy program